Balchik Gardens

Of course, about Balchik can say many nice things, both in terms of floral and architectural.

How, though, do not place here to refer to all the edges I will describe, briefly, exuberance flowers. In numbers, this means about 35 hectares and not less of 300 species of plants!

huge rosary with Bulgarian roses, cypress, magnolias huge pine, lime, cedar, poplars, a unique (in Europe!) collection of cacti, which are venerable `bunici` aged eight decades! Good part of this noble assembly is terraced , enormously ingenious back ribs and back on a hill. A source water was happy `deturnat` and put to drain through open channels no wider than three palms stretched by good part of the field, and a cascade throw their water from air a height of 9 m.

Drawing and maintenance of this wonderful place was busy landscape architect Jules Janin.

Nowadays, the complex of university, and it proves to be a very good manager.