A beautiful garden all year

The vegetation (especially flowers) is the key element in the aesthetics of a gardens. Sometimes, however, especially if large decorations, there is a need for more. In this regard, architects landscapers or owners with their artistic inclinations add personal touches. Wood, stone, brick and wrought iron are materials that fit well into the natural landscape and which can be built a lot of decorative elements more or less rustic.

A riverbed located near the house or even larger stones out of your own garden after I dug earth material can be a source of free our works of art. For example, we can build a small decorative fountain or we can imagine the ancient ruins of a fortress, whose walls are scattered among ceramic pots or household tools. Even different areas of the garden can we parted with a small wall of river rock inside which we introduced an old wagon wheel, for decoration. arches and arches made of metal or brick are other elements that adorn a garden, especially if you cover them with creepers with flowers.

Those small we can build a box in a tree old, which I cut branches for regeneration. Specifically, we can build around it, leaving the branches protrude through the windows. The result is not only a wonderful playground for children, but also an interesting backdrop for the garden.

adorn garden celebration!

Even if the elements Decorative mentioned are a constant presence in our garden, however, winter landscape becomes dull because of lack of vegetation.

To prevent this phenomenon, we can plant trees or shrubs always Green (Thuja) or we can take advantage of the coming holiday season to decorate the garden with plants and Christmas ornaments.