You are looking for a new washstand?

If the washstand is the element missing from your bathroom and you are going to buy it, here are some details that could be useful.
– You can choose one of these materials that are most used marble, porcelain, granite, composite or bottle.
– exotic or rustic lovers can purchase a washstand of exotic wood treated to resist moisture.

– they may be different: single, double, round, oval, with soap embedded consoles on foot, suspended or recessed.
– Their washstand with glossy surfaces, satin or rough, transparent, translucent or opaque.

Recommendations for installation 
– It is recommended that the height from the ground to be between 80-85 cm, but can grow (up to one meter) depending on the height of persons I use.
– If you opted for two washstands, the distance between them must be at least 40 cm.
– In front of a washstand must be a minimum of 1 sqm space.