What you need to know about tiles

Painting walls, changing windows, laying tile and tiling are some of these works.

Ceramic tiles are practical, aesthetic, durable and can be integrated in any style fitting. In terms of coloristic harmony is important to have a color and style throughout the home. If you enchant a rustic decor and furniture you already have this type, you can opt for tiles that mimic the rock very well. If the modern home, the colors in vogue are strong, which will highlight the active and cheerful style, harmony and energy.

The combination of black and white and, in general, contrasting colors are recommended for setting sober, orderly and serious. The dimensions of the tiles and the tiles varies from case to case. One can opt for the classic 20×20 cm or larger boards. Decorative elements or belts are extremely interesting, but sometimes there can be too full, not providing the desired effect. Typically, Belts are more expensive and sell pieces.

Tiles can be mounted in various forms and combinations. For example, you can opt for a perpendicular or diagonal installation times can combine small plates with large, obtaining a particular model. In general, cooking – wet area that gets dirty more easily – was finished with ceramic tiles all over.