Tricks for a larger kitchen


Purchase appliances with surfaces metallised because they reflect light and thus contribute to the optical effect of increasing the kitchen.

Mask appliances in furniture to save the space. Call this version even oven / hob and fridge.

Place closet appliances that do not need daily: blender, juicer etc.

Move the refrigerator in the hallway whether it considerably limits the space in the kitchen.


To have more natural light in the kitchen, windows with blinds do not block or thick blinds. Also, do not expose too many plants or flowers in the window.

The way the kitchen lighting is equally important. You’ll get more light using a ceiling lamps, Downtown. Also, you can help lighting the area, such as spotlights mounted cupboards.

A good organization saves space

Opt for furniture that contains accessories (drawers and baskets) to store utensils and cooking pots. This way, you get more space on your worktop and will require less storage fixtures furniture.

Use the special drawers for storing bottles. This will save their exposure table or above cabinets.