Style in arranging a villa

In the whole project, it was decided that for the ground floor, the space to be very clearly defined utility criterion.
Access to the house is through three different doors, but the main entrance is through as a  vestibule , which leads to the lobby of distribution to all other rooms. The space between hallway and the living is open, being mediated by three steps, the living area is placed 60 cm lower than the rest of the ground floor.

The only bedroom was arranged at the ground floor for grandparents. The bedroom is equipped with a private bathroom. The rest of the ground floor is serviced by a toilet service, whose access door is found in the lobby. 

Finally, the last room of the ground floor the cuisines . And this is direct access from the lobby, but here is found the third door that connects with the outside. Because the kitchen is fitted central heating, here goes the whole house of polypropylene pipes that feed the radiators at all levels. The pipes were installed buried either in floor or in the walls, in the early stages of the works. In the same manner and in the same period was performed and electrical installation.

The exterior walls were plated on their entire surface with expanded polystyrene boards with a thickness of 5 cm, to improve the thermal insulation of the building . Over the layer of polystyrene was drawn glass reinforcing layer. Finally, exterior surface was finished walls with acrylic paint.

Data Sheet structure:

The house consists of ground floor, and attic, total area 102 sqm
Ground floor comprises hall, living room with dining area including kitchen, bathroom, toilet, bedroom.
Floor: 2 bedrooms, one bedroom with office area, Balcony, 2 bathrooms
Attic: living room, bathroom, storage, balcony