Use intelligent light in the kitchen

Before artificial lighting is recommended to take into account the dimensions of the kitchen. If it has a generous area, you can install more lighting Downlight, obtaining a uniform distribution of light.

The illumination of work areas

worktop. To work in this area is required lighting that will illuminate entirely local area. For this you can use these alternatives: installing cabinets in the upper tier of halogen spotlights or neon tubes. If you did not like a neon light, you can use linear incandescent bulbs. If you opt for commercials, they must be so dense that light results is uniform. The advantage that brings enlightenment worktop is that they eliminate shadows that could cause accidents.

stove or oven. It is very easy to light using the hood. Most hoods are fitted with a luminaire.

board . If you eat in kitchen, and not enough general lighting, chandeliers suspended from the ceiling solution are at a height that allows an optimal lighting for the area. Light has to come down to the table, but not blind those who eat. Under no circumstances luminaire should not be facing the ceiling, because in this way lose much of the light produced.