Room safe for baby

It is known that a baby is more sensitive and responsive to environmental conditions than an adult. Even if you do not have patience and want to do everything very quickly, however, do not rush!


Baby’s room requires attention to detail:

– if there is dampness, insulate walls and carves again. And if woodwork is old and damaged, repaired or replaced.

– The walls must be merry and bright colors. You can decorate with posters, posters or paintings plasticized for attention. Since after the age of one baby will practice drawing on the walls, it is preferable to apply washable paint.

– Choose insulated finishing. Even if the rest of the apartment have mounted ceramic tiles, is indicated for the room the baby to call the prosecutor’s office, which has it covered with a thick carpet.

– accessories and textiles opt for natural materials and Allergy .

– buy a room thermometer to determine an optimal temperature (22 – 25EC) both in the little room, and the rest of the house.



Do not mount an air conditioner in baby’s room! It is best to Il Monte hallway.

crib not be placed near a window or radiator.

Search locks the doors to the rooms and furniture protection systems outlets and switches.

Do not expose objects you can injure your child (with sharp edges).

Besides baby toys that you might swallow.