Renovation in four rooms

This position is due to the fact that almost all the perimeter walls are made of concrete, an integral part of its structure block resistance .

Evidence consequences arising here is that there could be changes to the partition surfaces.

Family structure is composed of four members: parents, their son and his wife. In such a situation practically speak two families sharing the same apartment.

In these two conditions could be isolated areas at night, both being served by one bathroom.

First the night , one for families of young people, has been designed around the airlock found in front of the apartment.

The goal of living and airlock door was kept as such and the door of living. It insulates the second night area. The most important structural work space that was opening was made in the hall and kitchen. The measure was facilitated by the fact that the partition wall was built of BCA bricks.

The closet in the hall was demolished. The area has been renovated, and finally, here was located a large closet, built on order.

Data Sheet structure: four-room apartment, separate rooms, 90 sqm usable area, consisting of hall, living room, three bedrooms, kitchen, two bathrooms, two airlocks, loggia and semi-enclosed loggia.