Build yourself a beautiful fountain!

The first step is the purchase of materials: a bag of cement, sand, a bag of grout joints, A Few meters of reinforced concrete, stone cladding, two plastic pipes for shuttering interior of the fountain and a meter, a meter and a mesh fence for shuttering exterior.

Put a piece of cardboard on the ground resistant (or board or hardboard etc.) That blueprint That Will make two cylinders cisman- from big, main body, and the tank small drain.

Cut mesh fence so you create a two-cylinder basis to coincide with perimeters Whose That you have drawn on cardboard.

Catch nets fence Paperboard Used as a base with great that ensuring That THEY Will not loosen When you pour the concrete.

Pour the first layer of concrete, a span thick, in the main body, and drum-n. Reinforced with A Few pieces of iron Placed cross.

Pleasant stone main body, introducing rock Between mesh fence and cement.

Place and pan, the same method, starting with Basic and Continuing Extremities.

Continue wrapping the main body to reach the desired elevation (as a general rule, 80 cm). Finish the main body with a layer of cement, uncoated stone.

Wash the stones with a wet sponge, remove Any bits of concrete fell into the vat.

Place the grout Between the stones (Most Used color is white), THEN Thoroughly clean.

When the cement is pretty good strengthened remove mesh – casing and tubing plastic.

Allow to dry A Few Days in position until the cement solidifies perfect, THEN move love ultimately.