Oak Flooring Installation

If you alone decide to mount woodblock, you must have two aspects: quality materials and surface mounting technique.
It is known that wood slats can be installed in various models, each model assuming a suitable technique. In the particular case that we decided to illustrate assembly technique especially popular “fish scales.”
It is common, with the arrangement being made in the zigzag blade. The slats are positioned at 90E to each other in parallel rows. Thus, the end of one long limb joins the other, resulting in the end, a series of “V” s.
If you want the lines to be straight, then go to the assembly room of the center, with angles in the direction of the light source.
But if you want the rows to be skewed on the floor surface, then the installation begins on the door, diagonally.

Working steps

  1. Basic Surface Preparation
    Initially, the floor was finished with battens. This was removed carefully so as not to affect the wooden structure on which it was mounted. This structure became the base area.
    2. Fitting blades against the wall
    All around the room were two rows of blades mounted in style “English”. They were placed butt joints being aligned to the sleepers. Between slides and walls, joints which were provided at the end, will be covered plinth.
    When the adhesive flooring is mounted on a cement surface or hoe, trowel adhesive extends a special entire surface. In this case, it was not necessary because the base area allowed the slats fixing nails.
    Blade positioning each blade positioning is done by placing it in the grooves of the Federal blades already mounted, placed on length respectively width.
    5. Attaching a wiper
    Besides adhesive was used and a second fastener. Each blade in hand was clamped in straight nails planks that form the base area.
    Nailing nails were beaten in blade grooves. Because of this improvisation was needed: a screw was used that facilitated the introduction nails to shaving so that they do not cause problems interarea slats.
    7. Editing slides at the edges
    At the edges of the room, parquet slats could not be installed on end. For this reason, they have been cut. To avoid waste of material, each blade has been carefully measured, drawn and cut by the circular.
    8. Parquet
    Finally, the floor is polished with special electric cars. In this way, the adhesive is removed and came out with the blades. After the move to remove the sawdust resulting surface varnishing.