More space in the dressing room!

Where to start?

It is best to start with clothes. Depending on the space they occupy with their storage, you’ll realize how you remains for other things you wish to keep them in dressing. In terms of countless variants of organizational clothing depends on what suits you more.

– the seasons: summer and winter. During this period arranges warm clothes (coats, jackets, hoodies, jackets) in the most visible part of the dressing, where to take them easily. And in the back sits specific warm season clothes (blouses, shirts, dresses etc). Avoid chicken more clothing on one hanger. If you are ironed, will certainly ruffle.

– categories of clothing: a rack of shirts, another with sweaters etc.

– depending on how often you use: daily or occasionally. The clothes you dress very rare, like parties, you can keep in places withdrawn.

– by size: the longest, such as dresses and coats, or shorter, for example, blouses and shirts.

small or delicate clothes

It is indicated as underwear, socks, scarves etc. keep them separated as they can siphon or may be damaging form. In this case baskets, boxes and drawers are extremely practical. You can buy more baskets in which to arrange categories: scarves, hats, gloves, underwear, etc.