Interwar apartment

The new owners bought the apartment which occupies the second floor, along with the bridge.
The idea was to make major renovations to an duplex apartment with staircase. Below we present the renovation of the living area, consists of living room, dining room, kitchen, playroom, guest room, bathroom, boiler room, staircase plus terrace and balcony.

In living the old finish has been removed from all surfaces. The walls were stripped to the core area, while the flooring was removed. The floor surface was so clean to be rebuilt. It poured concrete stairs that provide access in playroom. This was necessary because the height difference between the surfaces of the two apartments is 80 cm. On the outer wall between the two access doors to the terrace, it was built a fireplace. For this reason, the floor was made a hole that allowed the exhaust flue installation. 

Kitchen and dining room were arranged in the same room. The renovation was made uniform spatial distribution of the two areas being done by placing the end of the furniture arrangement.

The main work in the vestibule was building attic stair access. It was made of reinforced concrete spiral.