How to manufacture a curtain

There are many things you can do alone and does not require sophisticated processes or expensive materials. For example, manufacturing of accessories for your camera is quite easy and gives you the ability to create a space more intimate, more personal. We come with a suggestion, namely making a veil curtains for the living room.

Materials : veil, lilac color, with a length of 1.80 cm and a width of 1.40 cm; veil, dark purple color, with a length of 95 cm and a width of 15 cm; three bags with yellow beads; sewing thread.

veil lilac: 21.11 lei; Purple Veil: 7.5 lei; Beads: 1.50 lei / envelope.

Working steps
1. Top of the material was matched to form a club 8cm. This bat was then baste, to be sewn.

2. The next step was to Basting sides and the bottom of the curtain. Basting from these surfaces were held sewing machine.

3. On the top edge of the beats were made folds, and then gather the material between the folds basting. Later, the area was held basting sewing machine to fix these folds.

4. To raise the curtain created an accessory beads. On a thin ribbon of purple beads were applied in three rows. Ribbon ends with a Velcro fastener.