How to get walls with personality

Drafting drawing


After you have bought the necessary materials, traced with pencil drawings on the wall you want to infrumeseteze room. For a harmonious result, try to keep a balance of design, both regarding coverage of the wall, and the size figurines. In this case, we wanted a drawing cheerful and colorful, involving a white wall of room for the baby.


Work organized


Phase coloring is quite simple not just to fill gaps paint pencil sketch. When you start drawing, you should work organized or choose a color and paint the first all items that match that color, then move on to the next color. Thus, avoid crowding the paint on the palette and clean less often brush.


Use a fulcrum for the hand


While painting and drawing gain momentum, you risk you hand over what you did. To avoid this, call the following trick: Use a spatula or wooden spoon on to support your hand while you work. This way you get more precision in drawing the details, because the hand has a foothold.


For a contour perfect design, but also for drawing fine lines, were used permanent markers thin.


Protect drawing varnish


Finally, after the wall is completely dry, apply with a brush to clean a thin layer of varnish. This is a solution used in professional painting and is designed to secure and protect the colors.


can be matte or glossy varnish, giving the drawing shine.