Glazed or mate tiles?

In the rush of buying tiles they are often ignored issues that may compromise the quality of finishing desired. To avoid this check texture, porosity, abrasion resistance, slip and thick plates or decorative layer on the surface thereof.

Unglazed ceramic tiles can be coated with a glaze or shiny, matte or semi-matt.
The glaze layer is applied at high temperatures, in the process are intended to minimize the porosity of the tiles. Glazed tiles are more resistant to penetration of dust, the stains, scratches and fire at.

The glaze layer protects the ceramic plate sunlight effect (fading, yellowing). However, due to wear, this layer is thinning, affecting both appearance and their resistance. The plates were not treated with this coating having, usually the same color on both sides, and wear effects are not as noticeable as with glazed tiles. The latter is not recommended for tiling floors because their surface can easily slip.