Full Restoration of the apartment

At first show that all the apartments in which no improvements have been made in the last 20 30 years, that … pathetic.

The initial plan was to make only small changes.

A simulation done in Photoshop quickly changed their plan. And they set a spending cap of EUR 10 000, in which they managed to fit. The money came reconfiguration of space (bedroom and bath enhancement through the elimination of the second corridor), paint, flooring and furnishing, that all that was needed. The color of the base from which we started in landscaping is cream.

In pictures not seen this well because the other colors stand out as accents used: purple, green, gray, black. In every room and they made a wall of another color. The bathroom has a ‘cafe au lait’ in tone paint tiles with metal inserts very fashionable lately.

The living room is divided into two areas for relaxation and work. Interior lighting is provided by floor lamps, table lamps and spotlights. Natural light is filtered by panels textile made to order.

they have obtained this way several levels of lighting.

Overall: an apartment redecorated completely, colorful, cute, they were found with affordable practical solutions to solve the problems that put them at the outset.