Free your creativity !



– mirror with wood frame, IKEA, 10 lei;

– pine cones;

– glass beads;

– seeds, acorns and other nuts;

– dyed feathers;

– DIY Dremel tools.

1. With Dremel Versatip gas lamp fitted with an accessory for poker work, you can easily draw in wood. You have the same dexterity that when you use a pen or pencil.

2. After you have decorated wooden frame liking, in this case with pine cones and dried fruits, you can even customize the mirror surface. Try Dremel Engraver with engraving tool.

3. Hot paste from a soldering iron was used here as a decorative element, which were then applied pebbles. The idea is really original and the final result is extraordinary.

4. If you want to hang a mirror somewhere where everyone can enjoy, then you have to get them a hole. For this, use a tool to drill and drill support.

5. After you have finished designs that you intend to burn wood, you can try something new. Thus for a vintage look, with paint peeling, try a tool belt sander equipped.

6. Finally, the frame can be customized with different accessories or decorative pieces. In this case they were glued feathers dyed. They were caught using hot glue gun paste.