False panels for a custom decor

If you are now in the absence of ideas we come up with a new suggestion, namely the creation of a cladding false in the living room.


Creating this wainscoting is based on a simple technique, even if at first view appears to be the result of complicated procedures. Although it is a painting, wood-paneled extraordinary effect is achieved using alkyd paints and ingenious way to combine them. The decor is remarkable just by trying to fool the eye, giving the feeling in the first phase that is really what it looks like: a wood-paneled.

First to measure the area of ​​a barrel, making it Molded future by drawing sketch pencil lines. Then came the realization of three concentric rectangles, creating in this way a feeling of depth. To get the visual effect of 3D rectangles are bounded together by color, brown and ocher being painted. All for a contrast effect, on the largest rectangle was made of liquid gold contour with a small brush. Special effect and impression of wood are given paint alkyd brown that adds linseed oil.


Although the fake paneling was created only a pillar of strength in living the artist’s intention is to expand and on the other walls to get a uniform look.