Exterior cladding with natural stone

The pieces of natural rock, rough or finished, can be an ideal solution for functional and aesthetic decoration works building facades.
In the particular case that we present to you, the owners chose their house with stone facade cladding mountain.
The house has previously been insulated with a layer of polystyrene, and to prepare the application piece of stone, the walls were plastered and consolidated net.

Working steps

  1. Strengthening
    Over the wall use polystyrene insulation layer to applied a layer of plaster, using a notched and better resistance to the wall, using a net.
  2. Stone washing
    Stone washing pieces of stone were sorted by thickness, then were washed thoroughly with pressurized water to remove dust and dirt.
  3. Adhesive Preparation
    In a bowl is a composition of cement and sand, which must then thoroughly mixed until smooth.
  4. Applying stone
    Each piece of stone is loaded with enough glue and wall-mounted. The joints are such a decorative ensemble to gain a more aesthetic appearance.
  5. Filling joints
    After the stone was mounted, good clean joints. Prepare a mixture of cement and sand and then apply the spaces between pieces of stone and leveled.