Efficiently use the balcony

If you and your family wish to eat in the so-called dining “but you do not have a room addition. Using kitchen for this purpose, you have room for cooking. In this case, the balcony can become quite easily in a mini-kitchen, especially if you are in continuation.

Often, equipping the office, it is not possible to allocate a separate room, but not not despair. Use that instead balcony for the study. by designing appropriate it may be even a corner relaxing, stimulating, to inspire you.

If you’re an avid flower and do not live at home, in mini-garden balcony transform your dream. Choosing plants you can do depending on the direction in which the sun hits, and the type balcony: closed or open. Some plants love the sun, others grow better in the shade and pretty much tolerate any conditions. A balcony more spacious can be transformed into a mini-living room coffee or tea serving, furnished in rustic or exotic.