Conversion of an inhabitable attic

The new owners wanted to exploit the over 90 square meters of the attic. For the old roof was demolished along with the first floor level. The floor was rebuilt in concrete and  the roof was rebuilt after new plans. After partitioning the space resulted in a bedroom, a bathroom, a hall and a dressing room. For each of the two children it was built one bedroom and one shared bathroom. Finally, the largest area was dedicated to living room area, which is found in the staircase providing access to the new attic.

The new wood roof was designed so that all priests be hosted on the walls that divide the space trajectories. Wood pilons served as the basis for building’s metal frame walls. Between sheets of drywall it introduced a layer of glasswool with metal foil. This fulfills a role especially noise absorption.

The ceiling were isolated in two layers: one of glasswool with aluminum foil and other drywall.

Parents bathroom, the element who gives originality is the wall built over the central-longitudinal axis. The wall is to create two separate blocks in the bathroom, each of them being allocated a specific function. Thus, on the side of the entrance area was installed a sink with a unique design, and on the other side was mounted shower. The wall built of metal profiles and panels from moisture-resistant drywall, electrical cables and conduits incorporated.

Data sheet initial structure : attic, with an area of ​​92 sq.m. , serving in a room, two warehouses and storage spaces.
Data sheet final structure : new attic, with a total area of ​​92 sqm, divided into a living area + staircase, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, hallway and dressing.