Buying a new, unfinished house

When you purchase works were performed primary finish: thermal insulation on the outside, the interiors were plastered, screed on the floor, was insulated and windows with PVC frames were installed in.

From this level, renovation work was initiated by the new owners. The first of these consisted in building facilities. Central heating was installed in the kitchen, and from there, were oriented polypropylene pipes through all property.

In the bath from the floor, supply and return ducts were directionte through the false ceiling to the attic, where they were stoppered. The measure was implemented, so that in the event mansarde, heater at hand, without the need for trouble caused by the realization of this operation.

Once the heating system was installed, the hot and cold water supply installations, also drain that will serve the two bathrooms and the kitchen.

The ground floor, with a total area of ​​71 sqm, remained in largely open, only a single room, the bath of 7 sq m being insulated. In all the remaining space, the living area is the largest, with an area of ​​about 40 square meters. Here was built a brick pedestal to support a cast iron stove of the nineteenth century. In this purpose the nearest wall was pierced for the chimney because the stove is functional.

As the back of the living area there was an access door to the tiny courtyard behind the building, the owners were going to build here a wooden gazebo, moving from house to it being made directly.