Ceramics in bathroom

In bathrooms appear wood treated with special substances that becomes resistant to steam, glass, plastic or metal, in dialogue with ceramics. The models fit into different styles. The color palette is infinite, spectacular in its ability to give life to forms that reinvents current elegance. Ceramic tiles are of different shapes and sizes, adapting to available space. For smaller areas are preferred light colors, which give brightness, large areas can be combined in dark colors, strong.

Small plates are carefully chosen and positioned in a creative act that approaches perfection. Games go to pieces gilded decor in models Greek, Roman and Moorish Oriental and laces.

A classic bathroom walls means smooth and monochrome ceramics. Baroque so indulge us today but with spectacular combinations, bright or why not opulent.
Another trend that is preparing to enter our attention proposes tones of black and white bicolor, techniques inspired graphics, simplicity and elegance quite permissive at additional decoration. Surfaces are polished and smoothed mosaic with specialized equipment, then apply protective varnishes. The impurities do not get into the tiny open spaces, making these places easy to maintain. A slippery wet floor in the bathroom, so it used irregular surfaces, thus avoiding undesired incidents.

Chapter sanitaryware is wide, closely related to that of furniture. The color palette here is building the same style of the whole ensemble, be it straight lines and gentle curves and sharp curves or miraculous.

Modern approaches offer both natural colors and strong tones, even if marine shades of blue and green would seem most appropriate.

Pompeian Red-
or tones of purple, lilac and fuchsia, increasingly more present, to cope with their bathing area.