Baby room design

The first and most important steps are finding a suitable room for the baby. If you have the enough room for him, decorate one. It will get used to it in time and will adapt quickly to the conditions imposed. This does not mean to let him unsupervised installed a monitoring sound of the room so you can hear when you’re not around him.

Furniture should contain:

– Cot (two positions of the mattress to allow its descent as the baby grows and stands up).

– Swaddle table. It is better to be equipped with drawers or shelves for storage diapers, creams, pacifiers, and clothes. Shelves are practical, but in the long term, prove better drawers because your baby will be able to walk will find you throw everything on the floor. Regarding the model table, there are some with raised edges (to better keep the child in the center of the table).

– Sofa for breastfeeding.

– rocking. This is necessary especially in the first months of a child’s life. Please note you buy! There are models that are used in childbirth, and swings are used when a child is at least six months.

An alternative is the purchase of furniture that can be changed with the growth of the child.