Art mosaic


tile adhesive for sticking adhesive for sticking a piece of mirror

fir powder
Chit 2 to 3 boards The self-adhesive tile


The idea of ​​a wooden frame with mosaic tiles came after observing that after wall cladding remained few scraps of beige and brown tiles .

The first step of the work consisted in buying a piece of wood that has been cut to size mirror, resulting in two frames. As the mirror was to be fixed inside the piece of wood was needed to carry out ditches 4 mm in each frame (as the thickness of the mirror).

For this operation, Ana-Maria was helped by father They put at your disposal all the necessary tools. In this case, it used a abric wood.

At the bottom of each frame was fixed a stopper to prevent sliding mirror.

Leftover tiles were smashed with a hammer resulting in dozens of pieces of various shapes and sizes.

The next step was to apply glue wooden frames and stretching it. Ana-Maria pasted then every piece of tile, being very careful to sit straight sided extremities.

Putty powder was placed in a bowl and topped poured water up to a paste homogeneous. Ana-Maria chose specifically a brown putty that matches the color of tiles.

The grout was applied and spread over the entire surface by notched. Before they dry and harden, bits of tile were cleaned of excess putty.

With a spiral, there was one hole in each frame, at the top, there will to establish a system for attaching the mirror on the wall.

Each frame was wrapped in foil sticker, except side with mosaic. Amluat the decision to bring pieces of fir in a darker color. With affixing the sticker to cover the trench made for the mirror. With a cutter made a cut to the entire length of the frame, and the ditch was visible again.

The last step consists of determining the mirror in the trenches of the two frames. Although they stopped, safer, Ana-Maria has chosen to apply the adhesive here, before fixing the final mirror.

There are many ways to support the mirror on the wall, either by soldering strong glue or hung by a fastening system. In this case it used the second option, which is why it was necessary to break through the wall and to mount a metal hook.