A custom clay pot



ceramic pot; 18 cm diameter; 4.99


Decorative Wall Sticker; 0,99


exterior paint; 0,75; 8.99


paint thinners; 1 l; 3.99


standard brush; 1.99




Use old pots


The first step in preparation for painting solution.


in one direction Paint


It was painted inside the pot and then outside. Operation painting is done in one sense, in this case horizontally.


Apply the second coat of paint


After apply the first coat of paint, wait 30 minutes to dry. When the pan is dry you can apply the second coat. In this case it took three coats of paint.


Get Ready stickers


decorative flowers that were going to be stuck to the pot were cut off School sticker.


detachment decorations


Because the stickers were made up of decorative large, peel them from the sheet sticker required attention and skill .


Positioning stickers


When applying the first bumper sticker was taken into account the total number of decorative elements that were to be applied and their position.




Sticking flowers on the boat raised some difficulties, because the surface was curved and took the stickers to be taut and pressed.

Pair pot with seasonal flowers



All the work will not take you more than two hours with all the necessary drying time of paint.