VG Home, fashion design

An immortal source of elegance, masculine ‘in decor’ line express, as opposed to just look feminine, a force that imposes aesthetics, visual arts.

Trademark oversized vessels from VG Home proposed and many other design workshops, express an undeniable trend, saving with tastefully arranged situations where we have very high or very wide spaces, exhibition stands or hotel areas. Yet, VG HOME is distinguished by floral motifs and textures, unconventional materials and strong colors, so firewalls and dishes, lighting and even pieces of furniture, look like some precious jewels inside. 

Motion house VG for fall 2008 are based on the colder hues: white, fuchsia and black with accents of silver and gold lower.
absolutely accentuates the purity of white resin form conical flasks, who in relief leaves stylized lotus. The same effect is given and wallpapering solution that offers customers an extensive portfolio of accessories.

Bowers of nylon tissue on the floor Nuovola and table lamps with metal accents are reminiscent of a bird’s nest while the mass of Swarovski crystals, polished egg-shaped, shines like a diamond. The sofa voluminous Rolondo, furry white rabbit, and Pumpkin vases with silver accents material suggests strong link between organic and techno side of the collection, the masters who conducted advertising campaign being attached to the idea chameleonic.
Pieces of furniture and deco items are refreshed with a little pink, which brings a wave of energy in living rooms. Sensual shape of flower chair Pance is irresistible, the table also shocking refinement lake.