Togo Design – Painted furniture

Classic Furniture dress in festive clothes, because skill and creativity full of the tenderness of two young artists, Alexa, and Joan. The Design name Togo was chosen by lot humor; and his source was Joan’s puppy named… TOGO 

As expected, however, the news went rather quickly, assessing representing the best advertisement. 
Most work is performed on demand, depending on customer preferences – people who have already formed taste, a certain level of education and above-average purchasing power. The wood furniture is acquired in collaboration with several small factories, carpenters private or imported. It begins by crude furniture apply a background color or bait, then it comes with belonging to easel painting techniques. Finally, it ends with special protection varnish or wax.

Most of the furniture is characterized by classic lines and popular rustic or avoid (is made only if required a special order). If at first were small decorative objects, paintings, mirrors, etc., later came the living rooms, cabinets, consoles, tables, and chairs, and full bedrooms, furniture for bathrooms and children’s rooms, funny and ultimately reached inevitably a whole, a culmination of their work – interior design.