Mediterranean breeze scented invitation

Seafood and appropriate décor. Staying in Chapter decor, I chose to present some ideas for a suitable arrangement that refined and familiar style.

We are located in a solid wood kitchen with Skin BERLONI classic, available through OmnitechCasa, which harks back to the past, giving you the relaxation and charm of the old world, a bright spot with precise details, practical solutions ambient, a lively style.

The table is in the center of the kitchen quiet place where all things converge as a conclusion of what took place before arranging them. Feels summer cheerful atmosphere, suggested by the association of shapes, textures, and colors. I combined the beauty and colors of Mediterranean style with modern fittings used today. Tonic colors are yellow, optimism and warmth of the sun emanating from shore, highlighted by a cobalt blue reminiscent of Mediterranean . The plates are chosen in two different sets: the blue backing plate, with wavy margins and rustic grounds, highlights the set of white dishes for serving food. Cutlery is classic, refined design. Knife holder in the shape of a swan brings more candidly table and draw attention to the natural tint. Blue glasses maintain the color theme; the flowers gathered in a small bouquet, placed in a glass or crystal vase arrangement give freshness. Vessels ceramic cheer colorful kitchen accessory, making them feel reaching traditional decoration. I have not forgotten bottle red wine , a customary Spanish lunch!