Maninarte , workshop

In childhood was part of various painting workshops, and later migrated into the fascinating world of fashion, its Carnival costumes being rewarded with numerous international awards for originality. Field scenography gave him great satisfaction, imagination refining combinations of the unexpected and using materials which gave a new dimension of style.

The desire to test the limits of creativity, touched and art photo working as a fashion photographer for many years.

Niki Fronde was born in Arezzo, in Tuscany, on 23 September 1974 and is a graduate of the Art Academy in the same town. He worked in fashion for many years, working with names such as Dolce & Gabbana or Cavalli. In 2002 he created a clothing line that bears his name, but continues to work with major fashion houses. His designs have appeared in fashion’s most prestigious fashion magazines in the peninsula, as Gioia, Elle and Mary Clair and international stars such as Shakira dressed. In 2007, when work with a workshop in Rome to achieve a fashion show during the festival Le Mille e una donna, met Massimo Leotta.

Creative and are in a constant search and fulfillment artistic Massimo Leotta was imposed by an innovative vision, bold, vibrant dynamism. The meeting with Niki rebelliousness meant a new career turn two, their attitude leading to a genuine artistic accumulation of forces.

The fields of manifestation touch both fashion clothing, as well as the interior design. Eye endorsed the artist photographer redistribute proportions, reconfigures the accessory position, combine colors and materials in a wide unique and brings to the fore execution details.

The design interiors, jewelry, clothing accessories are areas in which two protagonists invite the public to participate in an exciting game to find in the middle of a magical universe with flashes precious, delightful.

Each new collection tells his own story, but what is perhaps individuality style Maninarte is just the way it manages change the perception of materials, their utility, the tie breaker is clear between hot and cold, hard and soft, masculine and feminine.

When chose ceramics started from traditional methods, bringing to the fore the classic beauty that has varsta.Unele of them, mostly miniatures, can be used as a keychain for keys, cameo or brooches, others can become an important piece in setting the table as decoration for a special occasion. Some forms mutable are fixed as a snapshot photography, which gives stability over time.

Footprint Maninarte for interior appeals to a vast array of colors and shapes and proportions customize an exceptional home. Modern or classic, each finds its place and line favorite in games intriguing lights and shadows, in association unexpected materials, collage suggestive status of artistic statement.

The jewels are forms precious traversing a path full of emotions from final project work. Spectacular necklaces are unique pieces, unrepeatable, with a vintage air, romantic, irresistible.