Hi -Life, the temptation of luxury

Functionality and beauty, along with signature of prestigious architects and designers.

Luminaires with courage and boldness participate in a fascinating addressed some exceptional homes. The associations of materials and color palette, play the ambition of those who have designed and produced, Castellani & Smith , to give a royal talent. Corroded metal, original forms, gold or silver leaf applied by hand, embodies elegance desavarsita.

Leolux is an important representative of Nordic design, a Dutch manufacturer that owns its collections so bold pieces that form and the color palette. About sofa, the Jan Armgardt, is built on a steel frame with leather, in this case a fuchsia vibrant.Pentru reconstruct the atmosphere of living room, sofa Rolf Benz model Ego signed by Edgar Reuter , is the best example of comfort to match.

Variant corner amplify suggestion mathematical certainty, precision and detail study that German experts put them in the service of beauty. The fact that we are dealing with adjustable parts or components that can be customized to each client emphasizes respect for wellness, balance, armonie.E15 is also a German producer that uses as a basic material in natural walnut wood creations or Oak oil. In store can be admired splendid sofa Shiraz , Phillip Maizner design, Farah Ebrahimi, a name chosen to conjures the Orient, mystery, luxury and the seat and backrest opulenta.

The heights and depths variables, and color combination gives the opportunity to be placed in homes, offices or halls conferinte.Imbinarea of ​​the elements belonging to different streams, accessories and building materials dramatic effect of the installation in each hand.