Goethe House

Some historical
Goethe House, situated in the old Frankfurt old center of Bucharest equivalent course Nelas in ruins, destroyed and ugly, Goethe was the family residence until 1795. It was originally bought by Goethe’s grandmother, Cornelia, Decorated by artist father. Johann Wolfgang Goethe was born in 1749 and lived in this house with his parents and his sister, Cornelia (named after her grandmother) until 1765 when he moved to Leipzig to study law.

in Rococo culture and Sturm und Drang
style towards the end of the eighteenth century Rococo the princely starting to be eclipsed by the style of the new bourgeoisie strata which was part family and Goethe, influenced by sentimentality, and Enlightenment. Goethe himself disowned Rococo style, calling it artificial and hyper-refined world of dolls painted, and pleaded for more natural, feeling and integrity. I evoke parental house of a house full of life and feelings, very open socialization, open to culture and art.

Field Goethe
Third floor houses a theater dolls, exit to the attic and even the staff of Goethe’s writing room. At this office, no computer, laptop or PDA, he gave his first life with early works.