Gods table

Both need a human quality called attention; attention to detail, attention to each other. Both must say wow when they see table arranged by you. He said so, everything seems pretentious and complicated. How will you handle?

I resorted to an old trick. I called two friends, expert in arrangements and combinations, namely Tania and Masha Cararus Verhoogt. I told them that I wanted to arrange a table in an original way, impressive though. That’s because those whom we invited to the table are very special to me. As such, I want to make him feel as special as I see them. They chose for this meal Laurului symbol used to crown the important people since antiquity. And because pictures say more than a thousand words, I think you better tell the story Laurului than to describe what still see already:

Apollo, god of poetry, music and science to love at a time of nymph Daphne. How she did not share his feelings at all, he asked the god of rivers, Peneu, who asked him to turn into a laurel tree. Said and done … And so Apollo remained without girlfriend. Because his love did not die with her disappearance, he chose as a symbol crown made of laurel leaves, which later crowned winners of competitions of all sorts. Tradition is preserved until today. A beautiful story told very good table, huh?