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The old National Theatre and art gallery downstairs brings to the public’s attention the creators of beautiful renowned ambassadors of culture.

Travel, dating, emotions, delight, are notions that have in common the art, and its graceful muses which indulge your senses as only they know how to do it. An open gallery within a hotel meets the need for beauty, so the guests are here for a deal and those that give a measure of free time.brisk integration

Each city joins history with emblematic characters; events have changed During the life of its inhabitants and buildings are mute witnesses of the passage of time. Novotel Bucharest City Centre is launching an invitation elegance in the midst of cultural events in Bucharest through an exhibition space spanning downstairs in the lobby Hall. The events that take place here are part of a comprehensive program, under the concept Artistry.

The first event of this kind took place in February 2008, and over time were presented exhibitions of paintings, graphics or photo.

This concept was launched with the desire to promote art in the hotel, the existence of this building is closely related to culture, and the building was built on the site of the former National Theatre, said Irina Nae.

Space is generous, open areas where light penetrates down to meet the musical forms and colors that materialized views on the world and life creators beautifuly.

The success of this Location is right by the large glass surfaces, whose transparency transfer art into the heart of passers. The watchful eye of the collector is pleasantly surprised by Intan, immediately becoming tempted to observe carefully, almost work, an interesting piece.

The artists featured here are referenced names that represents the values ​​of the Romanian culture.

The exhibition Dynamics is signed by Vasile rate and is characterized by great variety and complexity of symbols, a chromatic daring.

Born in 1966 in Republic Moldova, studying at the Institute of Cinematography in Moscow and the University of Art in Bucharest, obtaining a Master in the field in 1998. Since 1996 as been a member of UAP, Bucharest, and curatorial work includes a series of events held at Atelier 35.

participated in numerous group exhibitions, which took place in the country and abroad: 1998 – Russian Vanguard, Moscow; 1990 – Intl Contemporary Art, Moscow, Picasso looks to Picasso, the Hungarian Cultural Centre; 1995 – Goethe Institute, Bucharest; 1997 – Exhibition of Young Artists, Charleroi, Belgium; 2000 – Exhibition of Contemporary Art, Almaty, Kazakhstan; 2004 – Romanian Cultural Institute, Vienna; 2005 – Romanian Contemporary Art Exhibition, Hanoi, Vietnam; Intl Portofino, Segnalibri, Rome, Italy; 2006 – In Curtis, Latina, Italy; Lets talk about immigration Patra, Greece; 2007 – 15th edition of the International Festival of Art, Korea; 2008 – Positions and trends in contemporary Romanian art; 419 Gallery, Bucharest, etc.

He gave an impressive number of solo exhibitions, among which: 1994 and 1996 – Galeria San Bernardo, Genova, Italy; 1995 – Atelier 35, Bucharest; 2000 – Gallery U.E.A. Brussels; 2004 – HVB Bank Gallery, Art House, Simeza, Bucharest; 2005 – Aorta Gallery, Chisinau, etc.

Photo explanation:

  1. This was appreciated internationally, being today in many private collections and museums, including such as the National Museum of Modern Art in Belgrade, National Museum of Moldova, Chisinau, National Center for Contemporary Art, Ekaterinburg and Moscow Collection Koizumi in Tokyo, Japan, and more.
  2. The code sends a message or communication firm, decisive, full of strength and energy, which claim a place in public attention.