The founder of this company, Roberto was born in Florence in 1940, into a family of artists, where his grandfather, Giuseppe Rossi, was a prolific painter, his works being found exposed at Ufizzi galleries.


At 17 enroll at the Art Institute of hometown following his artistic calling and specializing in painting applications in textiles. Original and innovative, he continues to amaze by experimenting with new technologies, creating new materials, culminating with skin painted collages. He loves nature and this transpires in his works.

Dramatic. Spectacular. Unique.

Is recognized and noticed by “the animal print” unmistakable. Since 1959 IPE Cavalli , famous Bolognese company and market leader in Italy, manufactures furniture and design accessories. Their products addresses a demanding public, which is in a permanent spiritual evolution, experimenting through these products, joy of living in their own home. Regarding the choice of materials, aesthetics and materials offer to work with the comfort and technical solutions and, not least, in design, in collaboration with artists and architects of world fame, keywords are Research and Quality. In the last 20 years, IPE Cavalli has specialized in interior design projects or design of public spaces such as hotels, luxury ships, yachts, Roberto’s passion for boats and sailing is well known.

On the occasion of the International Furniture Fair in Milan in 2005, IPE Cavalli presented a preview of the collection “Visionnaire”, organized and coordinated by Samuele Mazza (owner of the store with the same name in Milan) and Alessandro La Spada (architect renowned industrial design space).

Neo-Gothic design blended with modern lines converge in an absolutely brilliant result Fashion. Spectacular glass or mirror surfaces and chrome steel with soft fabrics meet, graceful, heavy velvet and suede. Replace eel skin leather crocodile symbol so used, moreover, to suggest luxury. Precious fabrics reminiscent of medieval knights armor; In fact, the entire collection is inspired from bestseller “ The Da Vinci Code “.