Aboriginal painting, contemporary art

In domestic interiors but also in offices, Aboriginal artworks adds value, interest and color to interior decorator, it is often used as an accent, mainly due to striking colors and original combinations of them. Such artwork can be found not only in major galleries and exhibitions around the world but also on Internet sites.

A few years in central Paris Musee de Quay Branly was inaugurate, about riginal art exhibits of 300,000 items coming from Australia (bark paintings, paintings on canvas, tools, weapons, etc.), and the project lasted 10 years, he was initiated and supported by the French president himself (Jacques Chirac). The event is considered by the French revelation of aesthetic, a sacred place, a very exciting development of contemporary art.

Aboriginal art is a complex expression of the people’s place in the universe. As a legacy of creation ancestral land and dreams are central themes, these rites held together with the natural order of the world. The paintings often depict dances and ritual ceremonies, people, animals (especially turtle and crocodiles), birds, fish barramundi.

In the photo, two artists from Ngukurr: Gertie Huddlestone (at work) and Maureen Thompson (shows picture story or complex expression of people’s place in the universe and earth).