Correct positioning of the attic windows according to the cardinal points

A bright house is a beautiful home. The optimal amount of natural light to enter the interior needs can be calculated depending on several factors such as floor area or destination room space, a living room will need more natural light  than a bedroom. Also very important are the land surface, open house and orientation towards the cardinal points.

Due to its low roof, dormer windows VELUX can bring natural light, replacing artificial lighting and reducing energy consumption. Therefore, it is very important how their location in the roof to make considering the cardinal points. All these influences run noticeably light plants, light quality and quantity of thermal energy that they transfer windows attic space.

Light from the north – cold and diffuse light
windows placed towards North provides an indirect light, reflected, and only in summer direct sunlight can penetrate. We recommend you to be oriented north storage areas and annexes as it requires a strong lighting.

Light from the east warm and golden light

The windows oriented toward East offers a warm and golden light in the first half of the day. Light is suitable for children’s rooms or bedrooms, because the sun penetrates morning when we need to feel full of energy and vitality.

Light from the west warm and golden light

The windows oriented towards West allow sunlight to penetrate in the second part of the day as a warm and golden light. West windows are suitable for living rooms but we must take into account the angle of the sun’s rays penetrate interior as they can be very powerful and can bring warmth inside.

Light from the south light Strong

roof windows oriented towards South brings a bright light inside and be accessorized with curtains or blinds outside. To enjoy the sun and in winter, the building project should provide orientation to the south main rooms. We recommend placing windows as high as possible so that direct light to be reflected by a wall, resulting in a comfortable and gentle light.

All these elements – size, openness, orientation, cardinal – can be verified by you, without professional help, just knowing the configuration of the land, keeping in mind the cardinal points and how you want to show your home.